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Aspire Day School’s therapeutic after-school program is dedicated to providing a supportive and nurturing environment for children and adolescents to thrive. 

Our team of highly qualified therapists, behavioral interventionists, and psychosocial rehabilitation providers work together to assist students in identifying healthy coping mechanisms to handle the challenges they may face. At Aspire Day School, we understand that every child is unique and may require different levels of support.

 At Aspire Day School, our program offers individualized treatment plans tailored to each student’s specific needs. We believe in empowering our students to reach their full potential by fostering independence and building essential life skills.


Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where children and adolescents can explore their strengths, build resilience, and develop meaningful connections with others. We are committed to making a positive impact in our community by providing high-quality after-school services that promote growth, learning, and success for all students. 

New After-School Location

Discover Supportive After-School Services in Cincinnati, OH

We are thrilled to extend opportunities for Therapeutic After School Program for the Cincinnati, OH region. Our dedicated team of highly qualified therapists, behavioral interventionists, and psychosocial rehabilitation providers work collaboratively to support students in overcoming challenges and developing healthy coping mechanisms.

Our Cincinnati Therapeutic After School Program accepts students K-8th Grade. 

To learn more about our Cincinnati programs and services, please give us a call at (513) 776-8022.

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How It Works

Unlock Your Child's Potential with Our Therapeutic After-School Program

Empower your child’s potential with our therapeutic after-school program. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping students develop healthy coping mechanisms for a brighter future.

Initial Assessment

Each student undergoes an initial assessment to identify their individual needs and challenges.

Tailored Program

Based on the assessment, a personalized program is created for each student, incorporating therapy, behavioral interventions and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Regular Progress Monitoring

Our team continuously monitors the progress of each student and adjusts the program accordingly to ensure they are developing effective coping mechanisms and skills to navigate their challenges.

Project UPLIFT Includes

After-School Services are provided by our team of Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Behavioral Interventionists, and Accountability Mentors.

ASPIRE Day School Is Proudly CARF Accredited

CARF ® accreditation demonstrates a program’s commitment to the highest quality treatment methods. Accreditation demonstrates that our organization is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting cultural and individual preferences, and providing the best possible quality of care.

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