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Welcome to Aspire Day School, where we are dedicated to helping students facing behavioral and mental health challenges. As a year-round day treatment program, we offer comprehensive mental health services integrated with education. Our unique approach combines three hours of therapy and three hours of educational enrichment each day, ensuring a holistic and supportive learning environment.

At Aspire Day School, we utilize evidence-based practices such as Skillstreaming and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to empower students with essential coping skills. These skills enable them to effectively manage their behavioral and mental health challenges, fostering personal growth and resilience.

To monitor progress and identify areas of improvement, we employ the CALOCUS and CANS assessments. CALOCUS (Child and Adolescent Level of Care Utilization System) and CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths) help us track the development of our students, ensuring that our interventions are tailored to their specific needs.

Our Summer Program is designed to combat summer learning loss while nurturing the prosocial skills acquired during the academic year. By bridging the gap between learning and therapy, our program offers a combination of recreation, outdoor adventures, and continued therapies. With a six-hour program day, students receive both group and individualized instruction, and individual, group, and family therapy are available throughout the school day.

Join us at Aspire Day School, where we believe in empowering students to overcome challenges, build resilience, and reach their full potential.

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What Do We Treat?

Aspire Day School is a therapeutically supportive program that focuses on both behavioral and academic goals, building upon the student’s existing strengths. To reduce barriers to academic learning, students learn to manage symptoms and increase their level of functioning and stability so that they may return to their home school district. Transition planning with home schools is key to future success.

Aspire Day School offers a highly structured curriculum using multiple evidenced-based treatment modalities including behavioral modification for behavioral problems. ASPIRE™ youth participate in therapeutic groups, individual psycho-social rehabilitation, and individual and family counseling that is designed to teach healthy social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, appropriate classroom behavior, improved focusing skills, appropriate verbalization, and impulse control as appropriate to the assessed diagnosis and treatment plan. ASPIRE™ also employs a Family Integration Specialist, whose primary role is to engage families, extended family, and community members in comprehensive skills training and are coached to be active in the treatment process.

Each youth sets an achievable daily goal and a home-based goal that is related to problematic behavior. Goals are reviewed with their parents or caregivers daily, who provide daily feedback.

Most participants of Aspire Day Treatment program identify with anger problems so a huge part of our treatment model is Aggression Replacement Training/Anger Management (ART). ART treatment is a research-based approach for working with challenging youth utilizing three components: social skills training, anger control, and moral reasoning.

We Provide


Available in Individual, Group, and Family settings.

Treatment Planning

Individualized treatment plans and behavioral modification treatment plans tailored to meet the unique needs of Aspire students

Educational Enrichment

Learning new skills to help you focus on academic task.

Progress Tracking

Through NWEA Map Growth Assessments and Class-Dojo

Our Primary Goals

Reduce Recidivism

Crime rates tend to be higher communities that are struggling. We give students opportunities to gain real-life skills that will help them make responsible choices that will keep them out of the criminal justice system.

Holistically serve at-risk youth through their family & community

We have licensed healthcare professionals that address BOTH Physiological AND Psychological aspects through counseling as well as medicine.

Provide favorable programs for alternative schooling

Many schools are not equipped to provide for every kind of student. We connect students to programs that provide tutoring services, smaller class sizes, and personalized plans geared toward individual success rather than statistical.

Address students' risks and challenges to improve social outcomes

Fitting in is hard enough already, and even more so with kids who are neurodivergent. We help students navigate the obstacles of growing up so they can feel included amongst their peers and interact in a way that works for everyone.

Our Aspire team frequently uses process groups for our older youth to develop the skills necessary to deal with their individual problems/issues by using the group process to provide peer interaction and feedback in developing problem-solving strategies and to assist one another in resolving behavioral and emotional problems. Process groups are based on the premise that much of human behavior and feeling involves the individual’s adaptation and response to other people and that the group can assist individuals in making necessary changes by means of support, feedback, and guidance.

Our team provides counseling by licensed professionals and it assists youth in achieving a better psychosocial adaptation, to acquire greater human realization of psychosocial potential and adaptation, to modify internal and external conditions that affect individuals, groups, or communities with respect to behavior, emotions, and thinking, in respect to their intrapersonal and interpersonal processes. Psychotherapy does not include physiological interventions, including medication intervention.

ASPIRE Day School Is Proudly CARF Accredited

CARF ® accreditation demonstrates a program’s commitment to the highest quality treatment methods. Accreditation demonstrates that our organization is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting cultural and individual preferences, and providing the best possible quality of care.

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