Empowering Students with Project UPLIFT: Afterschool Care for Behavioral and Mental Health Challenges

Aspire Day School’s #ProjectUPLIFT is an initiative that provides a unique opportunity for children to gain coping skills, navigate emotions, and thrive in their traditional learning environments. By combining evidence-based treatment planning with individualized care, students can unlock their potential, learn, and inspire future triumphs.

Understanding the Benefits of Afterschool Care for Children with Behavioral and Mental Health Challenges:
Afterschool care plays a pivotal role in supporting children who face behavioral and mental health challenges. Our team of licensed mental health professionals collaborate with families in the treatment planning process.

By providing evidence-based treatment planning, individualized care, and a supportive environment, the program empowers students to unlock their potential through supportive evidence-based treatment modalities.

Here’s how the Project UPLIFT after-school program can benefit students :

  1. Development of Coping Skills: Through individual and group therapy, students learn effective coping mechanisms to navigate their emotions and challenges. These skills empower them to regulate their feelings, adapt to stressful situations, and maintain a positive mindset.
  2. Integration into Traditional Learning Environments: By fostering success in traditional learning environments, Project UPLIFT ensures that students can fully participate and engage in their academic pursuits. The program equips them with pro-social skills, enhancing their ability to interact with peers and teachers, and promoting a positive classroom environment.
  3. Individualized Treatment Planning: Recognizing that each student is unique, Project UPLIFT provides individualized treatment planning to address their specific needs. This personalized approach allows for tailored interventions and strategies to support the student’s mental health journey effectively.
  4. Collaborative Support: Project UPLIFT places great importance on collaboration between schools, treatment providers, and families. By working together, these stakeholders can create a holistic support system that encourages sustained progression for the student. This collaborative approach ensures consistent care and fosters a sense of community.

Afterschool Services are Provided by Our Team of Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Behavioral Interventionists, and Accountability Mentors.

Eligibility and Enrollment:
To participate in the afterschool program, students must meet the eligibility criteria and be enrolled in a traditional learning environment. Students currently enrolled in Aspire Day School’s day treatment program are not eligible for the afterschool program. However, after assessment, students continuing with their traditional learning environment can apply for enrollment.

Through therapy sessions, skill development, and collaboration with schools and families, Project UPLIFT fosters the growth and well-being of children with behavioral and mental health challenges. To learn more about the program or connect with the team, visit the Aspire Day School website or contact them directly.

Together, we can uplift and inspire the next generation.

Connect with our Teams to Learn More!
Lexington at 859-963-1260
Louisville at 502-742-0061
Radcliff at 270-216-6392

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