Aspire Day School Cincinnati Announces Summer Enrichment Program Incorporating DBT and CBT Therapies

Cincinnati, OH – Aspire Day School is proud to announce the launch of its Summer Enrichment Program, a unique offering to the Cincinnati community that integrates evidence-based therapies such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) within its curriculum.

The Summer Enrichment Program is developed with a vision to provide a nurturing environment for children and adolescents who may need additional support during the summer months. This program is not just about academic learning; it’s a holistic approach to nurturing the mental, emotional, and social well-being of its participants.

“Our mission at Aspire Day School is to create an inclusive space that recognizes the individual needs of each child,” says Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Dr. Warrick Stewart-Darby. “With the inclusion of DBT and CBT, we are equipped to offer strategies that aid in emotional regulation, anxiety management, and the development of interpersonal skills.”

Personalized Care with DBT and CBT

DBT is a therapy designed to help people change patterns of behavior that are not helpful, such as self-harm, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse. It emphasizes individual psychotherapy and group skills training classes to help people learn and use new skills and strategies to develop a life that they experience as worth living.

CBT is a form of treatment that focuses on examining the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By exploring patterns of thinking that lead to self-destructive actions and the beliefs that direct these thoughts, CBT helps individuals develop alternative ways of thinking that can reduce psychological distress.

An Enriching Summer Experience

Aspire Day School’s Summer Enrichment Program goes beyond traditional therapy. It includes a range of activities designed to foster a sense of achievement, friendship, and community. The program offers:

  • Individual Therapy: Tailored one-on-one sessions with skilled therapists who apply DBT and CBT techniques to address personal challenges.
  • Group Therapy: Group sessions that promote skill-building and the application of therapeutic strategies in a social setting.
  • Family Therapy: Sessions that involve family members to support a cohesive and supportive home environment.

Our group of mental health professionals are committed to providing an enriching summer experience that helps participants grow and thrive. By applying DBT and CBT in engaging, age-appropriate ways, we aim to instill coping mechanisms that participants can carry into the school year and beyond.

The Aspire Day School teams are enthusiastic about making a positive impact and invite the community to connect and learn more about our Summer Enrichment Program. For families interested in taking the first step towards a supportive and educational summer experience, referrals can be made at Aspire Day School – Make a Referral.

To submit a referral and learn more about the program, visit:

About Aspire Day School
Aspire Day School is a leader in providing innovative educational and therapeutic services to children and adolescents. With a focus on individual strengths and needs, Aspire Day School empowers each student to achieve their fullest potential and aspire to excellence.



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